April 22, 2013


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Mount Lassen-CA

The Milky Way over Mount Lassen, California

December 3, 2003

It’s Over

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So CA had two laws regulating GBL.  One treated it as a List 1 Precursor, and the other as a Schedule 1 drug analogue.  The Precursor statute was specifically worded to require people or businesses “in this state” to obtain a license to sell GBL, and to report their sales, and it also specifically required that if a person obtained a precursor “from outside the state” then the purchaser was required to get a license and to report the purchase.   This leaves out of state suppliers out of that loop.  (A couple months after the charges were filed the federal law went into effect making GBL a federal precursor, so all distributors must now be licensed.)   This issue was specifically raised at the trial court level, but they claimed that since GBL was in both places (and no other precursors were), and because my friend was doing business “in this state” by shipping a chemical here, even though he wasn’t there, he should have had a license.  So his sat in jail, and then in prison.

So you lost 3 and a 3/4  years.  It could have been a lot worse, but it should have never happened.

Enjoy the fresh air and the blue skies, my friend.



December 22, 2002

Watch Out

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We are not as free as I used to believe.

You can sell a chemical that’s completely unregulated in your state, correctly labeled with an attached Material Safety Data Sheet, a chemical that has lots of legitimate uses (including being the main ingredient in acetone-free nail polish remover, but probably not now),  advertise the chemical as being a solvent, with no evidence you ever either verbally or in writing advocated any illegal use, and you can unknowingly ship that chemical into a state that scheduled it as a drug, and land in prison.  This happened.   The chemical was known to be a chemical precursor to a substance that was beginning to be scheduled in some states, but this guy had no idea it could be called an analogue and placed on a drug schedule.   And while this guy was in jail for running a website selling this environmentally friendly solvent (which is what it is – it’s substitute for acetone and other solvents, and it not flammable, the fumes are not toxic, and it’s biodegradable), bigger industry kept shipping this stuff around because the new Federal law that made the solvent a regulated chemical precursor (not a scheduled drug) hadn’t gone into effect yet.  This is not the America I thought I new.

December 4, 2002

Status Update – Updated

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UPDATE.  Correction.
There were two counties that pressed charges.  In the first case, he took a no-contest plea in exchange for the right to appeal several pretrial issues and also whether CA had jurisdiction.   In the second case, he had a simplified trial by judge, where the evidence was just some agreed upon facts and the preliminary hearing transcript.  The deal for waiving jury was he was guaranteed a concurrent sentence with the first case.  (They hate to spend resources having trials.)  By having a trial by stipulation instead of the plea, e was assured the issues were correctly preserved for appeal.  You see, his first attorney screwed up big time, and all the issues weren’t properly preserved.   He has received no word of charges from AZ, and they are required to notify him in a timely manner so he can exercise his rights under the interstate agreement on detainers.

September 30, 2002

Dirty Business

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Exculpatory evidence from Arizona went missing.   Well, well.   So where is it?

Perhaps in California.

I don’t have the details but apparently they got him good.

Couldn’t get anymore info.

Its a shame.

September 28, 2002

Status Update

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He pleaded to several counts of selling and transporting GBL. He got five years in state prison. He is currently appealing, asking the court of appeals to allow him to withdraw his guilty plea.  After he got sentenced in San Jose, he went to Redwood City, CA, where he faced similar charges. He pleaded guilty there to a few years in prison, which will be run concurrent to his San Jose case.  I believe he is also facing criminal charges in Arizona upon his release from the California Department of Corrections.

September 12, 2001


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One day the World Trade Center is there, the next it isn’t.    You never know what might happen.

November 7, 2000

This is nuts

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The Arizona Republic put quite of slant on this thing.  Terrible.

When the dust settled all Hall was guilty of was selling a controlled substance to an undercover agent in California. But the bill in CA did not follow the normal process. After it traveled through the respective houses it stall on the governors desk. It actually sat there for months and was forgotten. Then in a secretive, unannounced move, it suddenly became law. Ordinarily, when a chemical is reclassified, notice is made to suppliers, so that diversion licenses can be applied for, overstock accounted for, and exemption permits applied for.

General Mills used to be the largest employer in the state of CA. The agricultural base, and the subsequent textile manufacturing, along with the herbicide blenders are two immediate and large users of gbl. The production of bdo in US was over 1 billion pounds last year. As an intermediary gbl was probably 10 X’s that. There are known industries in CA that use gbl by the tanker truck load.

There was some speculation that Inova was a dea/fda front. This was because a known undercover agent of fda/dea was actively steering potential customers to Inova over a year before Hall’s final act. Hall’s business must have broken a few models of growth with the repeated steering of the undercover fda agent posting on a certain newsgroup repeatedly.

When the person who exposed anonymous did so he was threatened with charges at the federal level.

Another highly questionable element is the rider that permitted the exercise before the 60 day period. Never in the history of drug law has this occured. All states have adopted the 60 day period into their own drug laws, and it is uncontrovertible standard practice.

April 8, 2000

No Intent

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Those dozen or so drums on his property were EMPTY.  What was going out that day was the last of it, well before the federal precursor law would go into effect.  (Read the Federal Register, it’s many weeks away.)  He won’t be looking at any Federal charges.   He got blind sided by CA, a place he hasn’t been to while running this business.  How can CA have jurisdiction?

Look at the website.  He’s advocating an environmentally friendly solvent.  He doesn’t like the lack of “personal responsibility” regarding the pending Federal law to regulate and restrict what he calls the only environmentally solvent out there.  A substitute for acetone and others that is not flammable, the fumes aren’t toxic, and it’s biodegradable.   He says that next they’ll make knives illegal, because someone could use one to kill somebody.  He believed he was shutting down selling that solvent in time.  CA has blind sided him.

April 3, 2000

The Reporter Got it Very Wrong

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Wow.  I can’t believe they found all that “GLB”.   Good thing they got this terrible drug lord selling to people on the internet.
But wait isn’t the term GBL, not GLB?  Why would someone write such an article if they were too stupid too even know the correct name of the substance.  No where on his website did this man tell people to make drugs with the lactone.  I hope gets off this ridiculous hyped up charge.  The people that should be put in jail are the uneducated idiots (like whomever wrote this article)that feel the need to take away every last freedom this country has.  People are worried about sending that little boy back to communist Cuba, they should take a look at where this country is headed.


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